Toronto copywriter


B2C web content is a specialty.

All web copy is designed to balance readability with search engine friendliness.

Over the last ten years, I’ve written and posted web content via various platforms (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad) as well as several proprietary content management systems.

Web content, ghostwriting and copywriting clients in the U.S. and Canada include:

  • a roofing contractor
  • home electronics installation company
  • a leading charity
  • a boutique marketing agency
  • a major e-commerce retailer (with products in every consumer category)
  • two funeral service/cremation providers
  • industrial carpet cleaning company
  • a computer recycling and liquidation service
  • two daily “deals” websites
  • a family counselor and mediator
  • adult novelty toys
  • real estate loyalty program
  • automobile paint supplier (meta descriptions)
  • estate/extreme cleaning company
  • neighbourhood and condo guides for real estate brokers
  • garage door installation and repair
  • a professional fine art photographer (meta descriptions, SEO)
  • a top-rated talk radio host in the U.S.
  • creators of 3D virtual sports games
  • a landscaping contractor
  • a laser skincare clinic
  • a CPU buyer/seller

I also wrote the web content for a human resources intranet used by provincial government employees, and a 100+ page “Seniors Guide” for a provincial government ministry.

“I’ve used Kathy on two content-development projects and to edit an executive white paper. She’s great with words, able to develop and maintain an appropriate voice, she comes up to speed quickly on new subject areas, and she is the most productive writer I have worked with.”

“Thank you for this — I am hugely impressed with the quality and clarity of this information.”